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There are several reasons why you should let a letterhead printing company do the letterhead printing for you. Take a look at the current desktop publishing programs and you will see that it is not that hard for just about anybody to use them and print their very own letterheads. This is the reason why we meet many people who say they don’t need the services of a professional letterhead printing company for their custom letterhead printing.

There is some truth in this argument.  However, there are also many compelling reasons why you must leave your letterhead printing to the most experienced letterhead printing company especially when you are using these for public relations or business marketing.  After reading through these reasons you will be convinced why you should still give the letterhead printing job to professionals:


    1. A professional letterhead printing company will always produce better layouts by virtue of being able to produce just about any custom and unique letterhead that can only mean getting better and more original layouts. While desktop publishing programs could have templates and themes for letterhead printing, they are no match for the unique, custom letterheads that your business needs. The original letterhead layout cannot be found anywhere else.  The “canned” letterhead designs in desktop publishing software programs will usually cause your letterheads to look boring and if you want an advantage out of the design of your letterheads it’s best to have them done by a notable letterhead printing company.


    1. This letterhead printing company will always give you a more professionally looking letterhead since they know all the tricks to create real letterheads that are impressive. The “canned” letterheads might come close to custom designs but they will always lack that impressive, fleshed out appearance. A unique, custom design made by the most experienced company in print management will always be more potent because you will never find it elsewhere. People will readily recognize your company when they see it.


    1. When you hire a professional letterhead printing company you will also benefit from better printing materials. Aside from the usual office supply of paper and ink, a printing company has a permanent supply of various types of paper materials whether you need thin, thick, glossy, rough, textured, and smooth or, if needed, they can get just the kind of paper you want. They also have various selections of inks including special metallic inks and full color inks. All this means more and better options for your unique and special letterhead.


  1. Finally, the designs from experienced graphic arts letterhead printing company will always have more refined content. These professional companies will select the most needed elements from your draft then properly refine them so all the information will fit perfectly into your letterhead. After these experts handle the layout the resulting content is not too short or too long for the letterheads giving readers easier time in reading it. With this combination of refined and professional content, better printing materials and excellent layouts, the result is a letterhead that will  generate respect from your readers.