Desk Pads

Desk Pads Brisbane, Brisbane South and the Gold Coast

Desk pads, customised are basically protective coverings that are used to protect a desk from damage. They are also an opportunity not to be missed in terms of promotion because they present a space which can be used for advertising your company’s products and services. You can use desk pads, customised as promotion material by offering them free with your services or just as a give away to passers by or at trade fairs. When the pads are laid on desks they are likely to be seen by many people which will give you excellent market penetration in terms of advertising. Desk pads, customised can also have the added benefit of targeting the market you are looking to serve. If your business is in office stationery, for example, then having your desk pads, customised placed in an office environment.

A common form of desk pad is something that will be used, for example, a calendar or a list of useful numbers. Creating something that will be used means that your desk pads, customised are much more likely to be looked at meaning your company logo is much more likely to be seen. Be sure also to have your contact details in clear view so it is easy for a potential customer to request your services from your desk pads, customised if they wish to.

If you would like us to design a pad for you then let us know. Our in-house designers will be able to produce something for you but if you have your in design for your desk pads, customised then that is fine also. The pads often come in refill packs which are used to re-stock their plastic or leather holders, old worn pads are often ripped away leaving behind a fresh pad so desk pads, customised do need replacing.