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At Printsmart, we are a brochure printing Brisbane company, we understand the need for your brochures to be vibrant, hi-resolution prints yet great value for money.

Printsmart is a leader for brochure printing Brisbane, supplying to clients Australia wide.

We work with you to get the artwork right, use only high quality stock and inks to ensure your brochures will send the right message to your prospects and customers. Providing quality Brochure Printing Brisbane Services we guarantee you will receive :

  • Great customer service and super responsive delivery.
  • Hi-Resolution printing with vibrant colour reproduction on premium paper stock
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Reliability and responsiveness.

We will work closely with you to make sure your printing needs are always met, that the price is right and the Brochures are printed on time.

Our experienced staff are committed to providing great customer service every time.

Using the best print options in conjunction with quality printing stock enables us to deliver a perfect job first time, every time.

Consider brochures printed with either single- or double-sided designs. Also, you can enjoy High Definition Color and a variety of finishes with your brochure designs to make sure they really stand out.


A3 Brochure Printing Brisbane: Full Colour, Single or Double Sided :

Brochure Printing Brisbane A3 Brochures
Full Colour A3 Brochures



A3 full colour brochures are usually printed landscape being the same as two a4 brochures side by side.

A3 is one of the most common sizes and styles of printed brochures where you need a large print surface with the page to open.

The A3 size brochure is quite standard and when folded will suit most folders and brochure holders.

The A3 Printed Brochure can also be further folded to a DL size or an A5 size.

The two most widely used paper stock in printing A3 brochures is 150gsm matt art or 150gsm gloss art.
The A3 brochure printing Brisbane dimensions are 420mm x 297mm.


A4 Brochure Printing Brisbane: Full Colour , Single or Double Sided :

Full colour brochures a4
The A4 Printed Brochure can also be folded to a DL size or an A5 size. The two most widely used paper stock in printing A4 brochures is 150gsm matt art or 150gsm gloss art.A4 full colour brochures are one of the most common sizes and styles of printed brochures.
The A4 size brochure is universal and most folders and brochure holders take this size.

The A4 brochure printing Brisbane dimensions are 210mm x 297mm.

A5 Full Colour Brochure Printing Brisbane – Single Sided or Double Sided Brochure Printing Brisbane

Full Colour Brochures Flyer A5The A5 full colour leaflets are chosen for many leaflet distributions, great for a full colour flyer promotion , perfect for A5 Flyer handouts at tradeshows.A5 Full Colour Flyers are a common choice for coloured brochures.

The dimensions of a A5 Flyer is 210mm x 148mm.

Portrait or Landscaped.
For the basic A5 Full Colour Leaflets you would print on a 130gsm Gloss or 130gsm Matt Art Paper.

If you are wanting a higher end A5 Full Colour Brochure you would choose from either a 150gsm Gloss Art or 150gsm Matt Art Paper.


DL Full Colour Brochure Printing Brisbane – Single Sided or Double Sided Brochure Printing Brisbane

DL Full Colour Flyers are one of the preferred options for leaflets.
Full Colour Brochure DL FlyerThe dimensions of a DL Flyer is 210mm x 99mm.The DL Flyers are ideal for Unaddressed Mail, Letterbox Drops, Insertion to DL Envelopes & Desktop Brochure Stands.

These are printed most commonly on a 150gsm Gloss Art Paper or alternatively a 150gsm Matt Art Paper.

For the higher end DL Full Colour Flyer a 300gsm Gloss Art or 300gsm Matt Art would be the preferred stock choice.


Need a Brochure Holder?? Click on Brochure Printing Brisbane to see our range.


Brochure Printing Brisbane as an advertising medium:


Depending upon the type of business you are in, one of the most effective forms of advertising or marketing collateral is Printed Brochures.

Well designed and informative brochures can very effectively target the product or buyer you are most interested in. Best of all, the information and details provided in your brochure tends to be more specific and with the right graphics it enables you to convey a clear , well targeted message. Brochure printing services is where Printsmart is very experienced. We have printed Marketing and Advertising Brochures for a wide variety of companies such as insurance companies, banks, hospitals, healthcare services, freight, mining, cosmetics companies and just about any other kind of company imaginable.

Before choosing a company offering to provide brochure printing services it is important to compare the quality and standard of the printing.

Modern printing companies using the latest state-of-the-art offset or digital printing technology that have the capability of creating quality brochures very economically. While a lot of companies provide brochure printing services, it is still important to search for the a local company that suits your needs and one that provides quality with economy.

Here are some of the advantages of brochure printing:

  • Impression – Uniquely designed brochures will create a lasting impression and may contribute to increased sales and profit. Choose a printing provider that understands your need and have years of experience in brochure designs.
  • Convenience – We are a Local Brochure printing service.
  • Compelling brochure prints – Graphic designers and great customer service in the industry will provide you with a quality touch. The use of the best equipment with Hi-Resolution printing and quality paper delivers a good job everytime.

Printsmart will work closely with your business to ensure that your brochure printing needs are met. Their Graphic Art team will ensure that your print materials stand out. Because we understand the importance of maintaining the image of your business we are always focused on getting the job right first time. Please let Printsmart demonstrate their value to your business by giving them the opportunity to provide you with their cost effective and innovative Printing Solutions in Brisbane, Brisbane South, Gold Coast.

Based in Loganholme, Printsmart Graphics supplies brochure printing brisbane services to companies in surrounding suburbs such as Beenleigh, Coomera, Daisyhill, Kingston, Loganlea, Rochedale, Runcorn, Shailer Park, Slacks Creek, Springwood, Sunnybank, Underwood, Woodridge, and Yatala.

I you would like to contact us about brochure printing Brisbane or Australia wide, Please send your message via our Contact Form Here or ring now on 07 3801 4000

Brochure Printing Gold Coast
Printsmart print all types of Brochure Printing, high quality & economical prices for all areas of the Gold Coast & Brisbane.  Our clients on the Gold Coast take advantage of the graphic designing team to ensure their brochures stand out above the rest.

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Brochure Printing Brisbane
We provide the service of Brochure Printing Brisbane to all our valued clients, offering high quality, great customer service with a smile.
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